Scalp treatments

Hair can only be perfectly wholesome and silky if it grows from a healthy scalp. All too often, the scalp is overlooked in day-to-day haircare regimes by most. However, if you suffer from dandruff or eczema you’ll know that your delicate scalp requires extra special care. The indulgent range of scalp treatment chosen by haircare experts at Rush offer the extra nutrients needed to pamper your scalp professionally, just the way it needs. Creams, masks and oils from our favourite brands such as: Nioxin, Wella SP, Redken, Kérastase, L’Oreal Professionnel and others make up an extensive selection catering for each individual hair and skin type.

It’s beneficial even to set aside an extra 5 minutes in the shower to thoroughly massage your scalp; the advantages go much further than just relaxation. By stimulating blood flow to hair follicles, the body can better deliver nutrients to your hair and strengthen its roots. By unclogging these follicles of dirt, grease and residue, the hair is left with a much cleaner environment to flourish.

Massage is also proven to reduce levels of emotional stress that is known to be harmful to the body. Our minds and bodies work most efficiently when completely stress free, and growth processes such as the production of healthy hair and nails are no exception. Massage alone, however, cannot combat an oily or dry scalp without a little help. So find the best treatments for your scalp from Rush’s range and discover how a healthier scalp will produce glossier hair.