St. Tropez

Everyone seeks a natural looking self tan and the tell-tell signs of streaks and patchy skin are not only unsightly, but your give-away! The St. Tropez Applicator Mitt is a beauty essential for applying self-tan to your body, because not only does it avoid orange palms (another tell-tell moment) but it creates a smooth, even and natural looking finish for your tanning oil, cream or mousse.

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Going somewhere? Whether you're already bronzed and want to maintain your precious glow or planning a staycation and need to accelerate your sun-kissed look, the Prep & Maintain Kit is key. Why? Exfoliating twice a week ensures an even colour and a gradual fade between tanning. Whilst daily moisturising extends your golden tan up to a week. So top-up your tan and buff skin gently to create the most natural sun-kissed look - they're never know if it's real or not!

Before St. Tropez, customers looking for a natural looking sun-free tan took their chances with products that offered patchy, streaky and frankly orange results. St. Tropez’s innovative and original self-tanning formula changed all that in one sleek, sweep of the hand – becoming the iconic tanning brand of our age.