Rodial delivers targeted skincare and bodycare treatments, combining the best of anti-ageing and firming ingredients. Dermatologically and clinically-tested, Rodial offers the most innovative ranges the beauty industry has to offer.

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Founded in 1999 by Maria Hatzistefanis as a natural alternative to the cosmetic surgery, chemical peels and injectables, the brand is now available in 35 countries worldwide and is recognised as a leading global brand. By combining Rodial’s laboratory’s expertise for turning Mother Nature's best ingredients into powerful anti-aging solutions, with our Rush beauticians' knowledge of natural skin treatments, we bring you the ultimate in skincare.

Rodial products deliver targeted treatments for all skin concerns including wrinkles and age spots, to cellulite and stretch marks. This is due to its famous Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin formula which has natural anti-ageing, firming and collagen-boosting properties, great for aging skin. Approved by many UK' dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Rodial's skincare range is a trusted beauty must-have.  What's more, with A-list celebrity endorsement, even Hollywood's leading ladies recreate their perfect red-carpet look, without the need of harsh chemicals.