Learn how to make your hair grow longer with Redken Extreme Length
Learn more about the Redken Extreme Length Sealer.

New Redken Extreme Length Range


Want to increase your hair length by as much as six inches? Finally the answer so many of us have been searching for, the Redken Extreme Length range is the first hair repair kit which contains protein, to strengthen and lengthen locks. Ideal for those who suffer with brittle, very dry and damaged hair from excessive exposure to heat, colour and chemicals, the Redken Extreme Length range targets the hair fibre and the outer surface or split-ends, to help you reach your potential hair length.

The Redken Extreme Length Primer was formulated specifically with Biotin enzyme to repair and restore the protein chain, revealing a more flexible, stronger and healthy hair strand. This helps to reduce breakage, one of the biggest inhibitors to growing longer hair.

The Redken Extreme Sealer with its built-in application brush is a leave-in solution which seals split-ends and damaged hair strands, which if left untreated, can become a breaking point for hair.

This is because, whilst new hairs grow from the scalp, naturally increasing the length of your hair, when hair breaks at the mid-lengths and ends, efforts are in vain because the length is reduced once again. Used in combination with the Redken Extreme Shampoo, the Primer and Sealer should be used regularly for maximum results. Swapping your usual conditioner for the Primer and Sealer, each time you wash your hair will maximse your your hair's full lengthening potential. The Extreme Length duo are so nourishing that you won't need to use a conditioner afterwards, simply:

  • Cleanse hair with Redken Extreme Shampoo, and rinse
  • Step 1 - apply the Primer from root to tip to accelerate length Leave on for 2 - 5mins then rinse away
  • Step 2 - brush on the Sealer focusing on damaged mid-lengths and split ends
  • Apply to dry hair before styling, for extra nourishment if needed

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