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Redken Haircare Ranges


  • All Redken Haircare

    All Redken Haircare

    The full range of Redken shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils to perfect every hair type. Get New-Yorker style in a flash.

  • Redken Styling Products

    Redken Styling Products

    For head-turning styles with staying power, explore our range of Redken blowdry lotions, waxes, hair mousses and more.

  • Redken For Men

    Redken For Men

    Formulatted specifically for men, Redken's range of invigorating shampoos, waxes, creams and fibre pastes make styling effortless.

  • Redken All Soft Range

    Redken All Soft Range

    Dry, brittle hair is transformed with 15x more conditioning power from the All Soft shampoo, conditioners and oils. Explore range.

  • Redken Color Extend Magentics Range

    Redken Color Extend

    Bold with colour? Protect and hydrate coloured hair with Redken shampoos, conditioners and fade-prevention products. Learn more.

  • Aveda Damage Remedy Haircare Range

    Redken Extreme Range

    Reduce hair breakage by 73% and restore length, with the Redken Extreme Range for damaged hair that suffers from breakage.

  • Redken Body Full Range

    Redken Body Full Range

    For fine, flat hair that needs a boost, the Redken Body Full shampoo, conditioner, bodifier and more provide volume, lift and detangling.

  • Redken Diamond Oil

    Redken Diamond Oil

    Restore shine and moisture to dull, damaged hair with Redken's oil-enriched shampoo, conditioner and exquisite hair oils. Explore range.

Redken Haircare Range at Rush Shop
  • Redken Blonde Idol

    Redken Blonde Idol

    Blondes, banish brassy yellow tones with our range of Blonde Idol balancing and brightening shampoo and conditioners. Explore range.

  • Redken Clear Moisture

    Redken Clear Moisture

    A light-weight moisturising haircare range for normal to slightly dry hair, our Redken Moisture shampoo and conditioner protect and nourish hair.

  • Redken Curvaceous Curl

    Redken Curvaceous Curl

    Sculpt unruly ringlets and curls with the Curvaceous range for 3-day curl definition and frizz prevention. Explore the entire range.

  • Redken Scalp Solutions

    Redken Scalp Solutions

    Soothe dry, sensitive or oily scalps with targeted anti-dandruff and oily hair shampoos from Redken. Explore our range and learn more.

About the brand

Rush Shop’s extensive Redken collection includes products from their Styling, All Soft, Color Extend, Diamond Oil, Body Full, Extreme, Scalp Solutions, Blonde Idol, Curvaceous, Real Control, Intra Force and Clear Moisture ranges as well as Redken For Men.

It all started in Redken Laboratories in NYC over 50 years ago and Redken has been at the forefront of scientifically advanced haircare ever since. Starting out with just three unique products and an innovative education programme, the brand remains passionate about the chemistry of hair and skin. By mirroring the natural pH of hair and skin and revolutionising protein technology, Redken discovered that protein-based products most effectively condition hair deep under the surface and for long term recovery, as hair is composed primarily of complex proteins itself.

Now with over 60 global protein patents, Redken stylishly remains the market leaders in proven protein care for hair. To complement their ongoing ground-breaking research, Redken keep a keen eye on the industry’s most famous fashion runways as well as different cultures and street styles to combine their findings with truly lustrous styles. Learn more about the different Redken ranges from Rush, and discover how protein technologies can replenish your hair.