Kérastase shampoos

Kérastase shampoos (or 'Bain' in Parisian) have been specially formulated to target your individual hair concern.

The wide range of shampoos with a rich, silky texture, are formulated with indulgent oils or natural calming ingredients to delicately cleanse and nourish hair and scalp, extending your salon-perfect style.

For dry and damaged hair types, Kérastase Nutritive (to nourish) Elixir and Resistance (to resist breakage) are the ideal ranges for you. Shampoos in these ranges not only rehydrate hair, adding shine and lustre, but also strengthen hair fibres to prevent further damage.

For dry scalp conditions including dandruff, the Kérastase Specifique range has a cooling dermo formula to reduce the effects and calm the skin.

For oily, fine and lack lustre hair typesKérastase Cristalliste, Volumifique and Specifique ranges have great shampoos to tackle this concern. Long hair is often greasy as the roots and drier at the ends, Kérastase Cristalliste is the ideal solution and for very oily scalp and hair conditions, Kérastase Specifique range targets the folicle to prevent excess oils developing. Volumifique (to add volume) reinforces weak, limp hair types and adds volume to very fine hair.

For frizzy and unruly hair typesKérastase Discipline is the answer. Discipline has two shampoos in the range, one which is sulphate-free for those very sensitive hair types, providing strong a smoothing effect and humidity protection.

For men, the Kérastase Homme range tackles your specific hair concerns, with an aromatic, energising aroma. The scientific formula invigorates, strengthens and adds density to thinner hair types or reduces dandruff.

All hair types will benefit from the chlorine-resistant and sun-protection range from Kérastase Soleil. The UV shield is this lightweight formula is ideal for anyone who loves to travel.

Explore the wide range of Kérastase shampoos and start your home haircare ritual today.