Aveda Invati

Ideal for thinning and very fine hair types, the Aveda Invati Range is rich in an invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs. The Invati range of shampoos, conditioners and thickening products help to reduce hair loss by preventing hair breakage and according to Aveda's research, 74% of women interviewed agreed that their hair experienced less breakage after eight weeks of using the Invati hair system.

The three core products in the range, which have received accreditation for their ground-breaking results are the Aveda Invati Shampoo, Conditioner Scalp Revitaliser. The Exfoliating Shampoo helps to unclog pores and remove the build-up of sebum, whilst exfoliating the scalp to reduce flaking. The conditioner which contains Arginine and soy protein is clinically to moisturise the scalp to restore hair's elasticity and strength. When followed by the application of the Aveda Scalp Revitaliser, massaged into the skin to revitalise the scalp follicles, the turmeric, ginseng and vitamin E, stimulate hair regeneration and improving scalp condition.

Explore our range of Aveda Invati thickening shampoos, conditioner and scalp revitalisers and see the effects it has on your hair's health and growth.