Anti-dandruff shampoos

Unsightly flakes of dandruff can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but with a little care and attention, anti-dandruff shampoos can go a long way to restoring your scalp and hair to their former glory. The cause behind the patches of dead skin cells associated with dandruff is often irritated, oily skin.

Exposure to sudden changes in temperature or existing skin conditions like eczema are also responsible for upsetting your scalp. To banish the flakes, it might feel tempting to wash hair more frequently or to scrub it more thoroughly. However, overuse of heavy or perfumed products can further aggravate the scalp and make the problem even worse.

Our selection of mild and calming anti-dandruff shampoos chosen by haircare professionals at Rush, manage the itching of dry skin and tender scalps whilst gently soothing with kind-to-skin ingredients. For the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men and women, browse renowned experts such as Kérastase, KMS California, MOP, Redken and more, from the professional range.