New Year’s Eve Hair Inspiration – how to achieve a luxe look for less

Redken Pillow Proof

We’re winding up to fireworks this party season but if you’re looking for an elegant look which is guaranteed to turn heads, Rush Shop can help.
Our editors have teamed up with Redken to help you achieve a fabulous high-end look from your current hair and beauty arsenal. We’re thinking classic looks which complement that timeless little black dress perfectly, for understated elegance that lasts as long as you do.

Hair Style 1 – Wrapped Side Ponytail Redken Pillow Proof Primer

The clock is about to strike twelve and without a hair out of place, you still look fabulous thanks to this clever hair style. Whether you’re wrapped up on the banks of London watching the fireworks with friends or out in a fancy bar, dancing until dawn, the Wrapped Side Ponytail look will create perfect composure for an elegant effect…whilst everyone around you looks like they have gone through a hedge backwards, battling the breeze!

How to create the Wrapped Side Ponytail

  1. To create breath-taking volume, start with your Redken Express Pillow Proof Primer, (which as the name suggests for those of you who haven’t used this before, creates a long-lasting bouncy blow-dry for up to 24 hours and reduces drying time by nearly half). Apply the Pillow Proof Primer to towel-dried hair to prevent breakage when using with heated styling tools.
  2. Tip your head forwards and blow-dry your hair towards your face to add a bit of extra lift. If you like lots of volume you can add a small handful of Redken Stay High Mousse through the mid-lengths of your hair. Use a paddle brush to smooth hair, especially if it’s long.
  3. Once dry, brush all your hair backwards again and taking a section from the crown down to the ears, gently tease the hair in thin layers to add extra height. A boar bristle brush is great for this instead of a comb, because it’s more delicate on hair, (combs tend to reduce volume and all the hard work you have created, by compacting the layers too much).
  4. Once you’ve finished teasing every layer, flip them back and lightly brush all your hair backward and over one shoulder.
  5. Loosely secure your hair with a snag-free band, then delicately loosen little bits of hair out of the pony tail at the back and cover with a light spray of Redken Pillow Proof Extender, your dry shampoo. The perfect tool for extending your blow-dry, it absorbs oils in the hair as you party into the night, whilst adding texture for a fuller, softer finish.
  6. Now taking a thin section of hair on the inner side of the pony tail, wrap this around the hair band to conceal it and complete your elegant look.

Hair Style 2 – Twisted Ponytail model2 resized

Another clever trick for long-lasting style is a Twisted Ponytail; this sleek, neat look is fabulous with a contoured sports-luxe dress or an LBD with an interesting back. Even more interesting for those with long ombre or balayage hair, the colour mix adds intrigue whilst the tight, twisted shape remains immaculate and sleek – ideal if you’re dancing until dawn!

How to create the Twisted Ponytail

  1. As with Look 1 apply your Redken Express Pillow Proof Primer onto towel-dried hair but blow-dry your hair back off of your face with a paddle or boar brush, which adds shine and sleekness, crucial with this look.
  2. Brush all your hair back tightly and fasten in a hair band at the nape of your neck. The elegance of this look comes from the understated simplicity – keep it quite low and discreet.
  3. Simply twist the end of your ponytail and eventually it will start to naturally twist on itself. Bring the ponytail end up to the hair tie.
  4. Untwist the very end slightly (by no more than 10cm) and use this bit of hair to wrap around the hair brand to conceal it.
  5. Then simply pin this piece of hair with a kirby grip, to fix it in place.

Top tip: pin from underneath the ponytail if you can, so that the kirby grip isn’t visible. Also for added shine and grip, use some of your Redken Braid Aid serum on the lengths of your ponytail before you start twisting!

Hair Style 3 – The Big Blow-Dry (or Glow-Dry)

How to create a big blow dry with Redken Glow Dry Oil

Big blow-dries. We love them, and if you’re looking for tonnes of volume, bounce and a silky finish like classic English rose, Suki Waterhouse; don’t just blow-dry… glow-dry! Heads will turn and jaws will drop. If that’s what you’re after this New Year’s Eve, we recommend you use your Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer and a drop of Glow Dry Oil if you want to add this to your arsenal of essential styling tools.

What’s the difference between a blow-dry and a glow-dry, you ask?

Big blow-dries provide bounce, movement and plenty of volume. Use your Redken Diamond Oil on the ends for a touchably soft finish. However with a touch of the new Redken Glow-dry Oil instead, you can add shine and restore strength too. The treatment oil is really lightweight, so it won’t weigh down bouncy locks or even curls, and is the first thermo-active oil in the range. This means it responds to heat, making it the perfect prep product for a blow-dry, fixing your hair style once it’s cooled.

How to create a Big Blow-dry

  1. Apply a drop of Redken Glow Dry Oil on damp hair to soften, repair and prepare the hair for heat. If you don’t have the Glow Dry Oil, use your existing hair oil on the lengths and ends.
  2. Then layer-up with a light application of the Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, which will help speed up your drying time and hold your blow-dry for longer. Redken Glow Dry Oil
  3. Blowdry upside down to create more height and volume. If you have a ceramic cylindrical brush, use this to add volume at the roots too, whilst funnelling the heat on each section.
  4. Once dry, curl sections of hair using a large barrel tong or your usual styler if you don’t have one. Curl away from the face around the hairline and towards the face on the underneath sections, to create a natural and fuller look.
  5. Finish with another small drop of oil for added shine and smoothness. Run your hands through your hair and gently brush the roots up and away from the face, for added volume. Avoid getting oils on the roots though, as this can make your hair greasy, apply this to the mid-lengths and ends only.


Top beauty secret: don’t forget to bring your dry shampoo out with you on a night out, it’s an essential for avoiding oily or limp hair.

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