Festival Survival Kit – Hair Essentials

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As festival season is in full swing, we at Rush HQ are looking at the essential haircare that you need in your festival kits.

We all know that packing ‘light’ can be daunting with many of us packing and unpacking then packing again. To ensure that you are fully equipped with the essential haircare for your festival look, we’re listing a few products that you need in your survival kit.

22Dry Shampoo – An essential for every day but especially for festival season. With all the excitement and jumping around, you’ll need to keep your hair refreshed with a dry shampoo and without the luxury of a mirror you can rest assured that your spray will not leave any residue. An added bonus is that the Rush Survive & Revive dry shampoo has a refreshing scent so your hair is left feeling clean and smelling good – as we know showers are a luxury that only come once you’re home.

Sun protection – This is often overlooked as it’s more likely to be a rainy weather however, on the off chance that it is sunny, it’s crucial to keep your hair protected when out in the sun. We recommend Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, this keeps your hair protected for up to 16 hours without being too heavy on your hair. Spray on damp or dry hair before you go out in the sun to protect from the damaging effects of UV.fudge_paintbox_pretty_flamingo_75ml

Tangle Teezer – You’ll need this to brush away any tangles for when you wake up after a rough night sleep, ensure your hair is silky soft and tangle free with a Tangle Teezer. This won’t take up much space in your bag and will not damage your hair as the bristles flex gently to brush through each strand. No knots even on day 3 of your trip!

Fudge Paintbox Pretty Flamingo- What’s a festival without some colour? Experiment with Fudge Paintbox which will transform your hair with
by boosting in some colour! Don’t worry this isn’t permanent, colour lasts only up to 20 washes so you can get creative for the festival season but head back to normality when it’s all over.

Festival Hair Tips

Now that you’ve packed your festival essentials, it’s time for us to share some expert tips on how to keep your hair looking as good as it did on Day 1.

Day 1 of Festival

Start with your hair down and leave the updos for the other nights.
Spray some dry shampoo whilst your hair is still clean as this will extend its refreshing feel.
It’s best to spray under your layers to extend that fresh feeling.

Day 2 of Festival

Braids are definitely a must festival hairdo – not only will your hair be looking stylish but it will distract any attention from frizz or greasiness that might have start to occur after a heavy few days of raving. Watch here to find out how to create a double fishtail braid for your festival!

Day 3 of Festival

Your hair is most likely is need of a wash by day 3 but a baby wipe bath is the best to look forward to until tomorrow. Brush through and tie up in a bun so that it’s away from your face but still on trend. Add on extra spritz of dry shampoo if needed around the sides and behind the ears, as those areas can get oily.

A little extra tip, backcombing underneath layers can prevent the ‘flat look’ effect and will add some volume before you tie your hair in a top knot or bun.

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