5 Beauty Resolutions for 2016

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Still stuck on what resolutions you should make this New Year? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we break down the five new beauty resolutions you should take on for your hair to better its condition.

1. Use a hair mask once a week

Don’t overlook the importance of your hair’s need of nourishment. Using a hair mask once a week as part of your beauty regime will help give it that extra TLC that it needs to look and feel healthier. Using a shampoo and conditioner on their own helps to cleanse and smooth your hair but using a hair mask will provide intense nourishment whilst also improving its texture, health and overall look for 2016.

2.The right shampoo & conditioner

Kerastase Cristalliste Shampoo and ConditionerLooking for the right hair care for your hair type is crucial to getting healthier hair. Using the wrong shampoo can have negative effects on your hair and can even reverse the effects that you are looking for.  For example, using a shampoo for dry hair when you have greasy hair can cause it to become even more oily. Similarly, when using a shampoo for damaged hair if your hair is simply dry or damaged, it can dehydrate it further.  

What’s more, if you have coloured hair then choose a sulphate free shampoo to prevent your colour from fading. Using a shampoo with sulphate strips the pigmentation of the colour which results in the colour diluting.

3. Wash less often

Wash hairHow often should you wash your hair? That’s the question that has been coined in the hairdressing industry for years but there is a concensus that you probably should wash less frequently.

We all love the feeling of freshly washed hair but in doing so everyday, this could cause more harm than good for your hair. The sebaceous gland in your hair produces naturally an oily substance known as sebum. Overactive sebaceous glands produce too much of this oil which causes your hair to become more greasy.

Washing your hair often will cause it to become naturally dry and brittle and in extreme cases cause your hair to fall out. As a result your sebaceous gland will produce more of sebum in attempt to save it from becoming too dry. Reducing your hair washes to two or three times a week could actually help prevent your hair from becoming too greasy.

We’ve put this to the test with our very own Rush editor where we challenged her to not wash her hair every day and see whether she noticed a difference. Nicole said: “ I usually have very oily roots and I tend to wash my hair every single day because I have oily skin too and thought it was perpetuating the problem. also I hate the ‘second day hair’ scent so I got into the habit of washing it daily. 

“I took on the challenge of washing my hair every 2 days to see if I noticed an improvement and I must admit it was very hard to stop myself from washing it however, after trialing this for a month, I started to notice that my hair isn’t too bad on day 2 and that it’s definitely less greasy than it was before. I’ve used the Rush Dry Shampoo and going to try the Kérastase Chronologiste Le Parfum to extend the scent and style on day two.”

If you absolutely cannot stand to go ahead without washing your hair hair for a day, we may have a couple of tips for you to try.

Day 1: After washing your hair and having a fabulous blow dry, spray a bit of dry shampoo on the roots to help extend the life of your amazing your blow dry on to the next day.

Day 2: Your hair may feel slightly heavier on the roots, one of the best ways to disguise your greasy roots is by adding a few curls. This will make your hair look bouncy and full of life without a sign of unwashed hair.shutterstock_183461975

Day 3: This is the day where you’ll need to pin up your hair. Having a high bun is not only on trend but also a good way for lazy hair days. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr have all been spotted with a high bun.

4. Protect against heat damage

We all believe the best hairdos are those that are styled using heating tools. We all know that heat has damaging effects on the hair causing it to become dry and rough. Let’s be honest, if you are not a fan of letting loose and having your hair left in its natural condition then it’s very unlikely that you are going to ditch the tools any time soon.

A closer step to finding a solution is to use lower levels of heat as this will reduce the amount of damage that is caused to your hair. With that, it’s also crucial to use products that provide heat protection as this will help to seal the hair and give it a shield against the heat.

5.  The right nutrition

Getting healthier, stronger hair starts with a healthy, balanced diet. Knowing what foods you should be eating can enable you to get stronger hair and as a result longer hair. Ensuring you have enough of the right nutrients can improve the condition of your hair dramatically, including the right foods chicken, fish and diary products can all supply a good source of protein which help strengthen the hair.  The New Year is the best time to start a healthier lifestyle and the benefits on your hair and skin are endless. 

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