Achieve volume for fine hair with Kérastase Cristalliste

Our salon stylists are big advocates of Kérastase, as a great way for maintaining your salon-perfect style. Likewise, the highly coveted Kérastase Cristalliste range is a must-have for many of our Rush Editors who have fine, longer-length hair; so they’ve decided to share the secrets of weightless style and beautiful volume.

I’ve always had long, fine and oily hair and have tried many things in the past to banish the feeling of greasy roots by the end of the day. If like me, your hair is also fine and naturally straight, (which is very common of longer hair as the weight of even layered lengths can cause hair to become straighter and limp); then you may have used a volumising mousse or spray to give you that added lift. However like me, you might just need to get the basics right by firstly choosing the right shampoo for you. This should make a very noticeable difference.

Kerastase Cristalliste Shampoo and Conditioner

Kérastase, the Parisan-founded brand, created their Cristalliste formula to solve just the problem of long and greasy locks. Firstly, ensure you know which shampoo you require as there are two in the range to suit the differing needs of greasy hair; Kérastase Cristalliste ‘Fins’ is for fine hair and ‘Epais’, for thicker hair types. Don’t be tempted to just go for any one, because the formulas differ slightly, intensified slightly to penetrate thicker hair, which could cause finer hair types to become particularly dry at the roots.


Use the shampoo daily as part of your normal regime, using two or three hazelnut-sized drops, dependent on your hair length. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends in particular. When massaging through the roots, don’t be tempted to scrub too hard or for too long, as this action can in fact stimulate more oils to be produced by the hair follicle, then rinse out fully.

So how does Cristalliste increase hair’s natural volume? The natural plant extracts in the Kérastase formula, gently emulsify the oils at the roots, whilst smoothing hair from root to tip. The shampoo is silicon-free which makes it very light-weight and also means the formula doesn’t cling to the hair leaving it heavy, limp and often greasy; hair is left supple with restored bounce.

To restore hair’s natural vitality and bounce ensure you always use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner, as these are usually silicon-free.


Finish with the Kérastase Lait Cristal conditioner; ‘Lait’ meaning milk in French describes the gently nourishing properties of the conditioner which penetrate the hair follicle to repair it’s condition. Not only does long fine hair often suffer from being greasy on top, it can also be dry at the ends; this is because hair at the roots is new growth whilst the ends have been exposed to the elements (and typically heated styling tools) for a greater length of time, so suffer from split or dry-ends.

Apply the conditioner to towel-dried lengths and ends, avoiding the roots where possible and leave on for two or three minutes, rinsing thoroughly afterwards. Your lengths and ends should be left feather-light and smooth, as the Kérastase conditioner repairs the surface to a silken touch.

Try our Kérastase Cristalliste Fins Duo, or the Cristallitse Epais Duo, if you have thicker hair types.

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